Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bucket Belly Elf & Stodgy Legs Elf Go to the Wall

Stodgy Legs Elf and Bucket Belly Elf
It was quite some time since Bucket Belly and Stodgy had decided to do the 84-mile Hadrian Wall path hike, and then lost steam when the timing of the Dragon Flight Masters didn't correlate with their seasonal rhythms.   It was time again to renew the pledge.  "We will train this year and hike next summer", they decided.

Stodgy Legs Elf wasn't exactly sure what training for such a long hike would involve, so she decided to do some research and find out. She mostly discovered that she needed to work on her stodgy leg hiking muscles, and her cardiopulmonary strength.  In preparation for the hike, she would start in April 2011 with a rigorous hiking/walking/cardio routine that increased in distance weekly until the actual hike.  But for now she would simply increase her cardio training at the gym to 45 minutes combined with 30 minutes of weight training.  That would be a 15 minute increase over what she was doing now, and a good start.

"It's good to have a reasonable and exciting goal again." thought Stodgy.  "I'm not overdoing it, but I have Scotland and England to look forward to and some time with my best friend and love of my life, Bucket Belly."

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