Saturday, December 27, 2008

Excuses for Eating Sugary Blossoms: Solutions

1- I want to enjoy life
Solution: Enjoy life in some other way than food
A) Read a Book about intellectual dwarves
B) Capture a picture with my gnome camera
C) Watch a magic box entertainment
D) Play a Frolicking game
E) Make future Plans

2- I deserve it
Solution: I deserve to be healthy

3- I can't deal with life, I need comfort
Solution: Find comfort in something other than food
A) Talk to my elf family or friends
B) Do Yoga with the Eels
C) Meditate on the banks of the lake
D) Soak in the pools of foamy deep
E) Watch our Elvish vacations on the magic box

4- The tiny faeries want treats
Solution: Let THEM make the treats and clean up the kitchen

5- I love to cook
Solution: Cook something healthy made of roots or leaves or berries

6- The other elves want to eat out
Solution: Check menu ahead and select nuts and lovely food-bits

7- I am sick of always watching my sweet-fig consumption
Solution: I am sick of being overweight and unhealthy even more
A) Reasons I want to be healthy
a) I have more energy to run
b) I can wear lovely clothing
c) I'm less intimidated or insecure about my stodgy legs
d) I spend less time feeling sorry for myself
e) I am happier
f) Better sex, feel sexier
g) I am more excited about the future

8- I am in a hurry
Solution: Make sure there are always quick, healthy foods to grab and cook meals ahead

9- It's a holiday
Solution: Allow one meal off, but not the whole day. Celebrate the holiday in ways besides food

10- I feel left out. Everyone else is eating.
Solution: Time to be a bit self-righteous. They are all being fat trolls, I am not.

11- Taste in my mouth needs sweetener to change it.
Solution: Drink water. Brush my teeth.

12- If I eat it off the mixing spoon it doesn't count
Solution: Let Saucy Legs Elf lick the spoon.

13- I always fail. I'm just going to be unhealthy again.
Solution: Break the pattern. Learn. Think. Experience life.

14- Fat elves are happy
Solution: See 7Ae

15- I'm so hungry that I don't care what I eat
Solution: Eat before I get that hungry.

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