Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lost at Sea

Stody Legs Elf and Bucket Belly Elf had been so busy traveling to the sea to play with the dolphins that they had quite forgotten their pledge to hike 84 miles along Hadrian's Wall. Their legs felt wobbly after the months of relaxation and their hearts didn't beat as strong as before.

"Perhaps we should move our goal date to another time" said Stodgy Legs.

"You are quite right, of course" replied Bucket Belly. It will take months for us to become strong enough to hike 84 miles, and besides, I am not sure the dragon flight to Scotland correlates with my seasonal rhythms this year."

Stodgy Legs Elf decided that in the meantime she would ride upon her blue daisy with two wheels which she called Felicia Blue Marguerite. She thought it might be good to visit the forest of training three times a week to lift rocks and logs and mossy things that weighed a great deal. Another three days she would pedal Felicia Blue Marguerite and make her heart pound.

"Maybe the bad Kol Astra Hol demons will flee if they hear my heart pounding", Stodgy Legs decided.

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